Sanitary block renovation: modern and eco-responsible!

We’re delighted to announce that sanitary block number 3 has been completely refurbished this winter! All that remains of the old block are the walls and shower doors.  Designed to offer comfort and cleanliness to all our guests, this new facility reflects our commitment to the well-being of our visitors and the protection of the environment.


Modern comfort

This sanitary block, inspired by the Bretagne tourism trend books, is equipped with all the amenities needed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Located just behind the lodges area.

 Bloc sanitaires, douches, WC et évier.

You’ll find :

  • New, modern toilets and showers
  • Rigorous, regular maintenance
  • 10 showers, 6 toilets, 9 user-friendly washbasins
  • 3 solar panels for hot water production
  • 1 rainwater recovery tank for flushing toilets
  • A dedicated area for our fishermen to scale their fish
  • 1 special shower for divers’ wetsuits


Energy-saving equipment at Relais de l’Océan

As part of our commitment to European Ecolabel certification, our renovation project has incorporated various existing technologies, adapted to meet the needs of the tourism sector and enhance our campers’ experience.

Our sanitary block is now equipped with solar panels. This allows us to pre-heat water using solar energy, reducing our carbon footprint while offering you maximum comfort.

We have also equipped our sanitary block with a water recovery tank, capable of holding over 3,000 liters of water. By capturing rainwater, we can use it to power the toilet flushes.

The installation of this equipment enables efficient management of water and electricity resources, ensuring not only your comfort but also our commitment to the preservation of these precious resources.

We’re very proud of this achievement, which marks a new stage in our drive to continuously improve our services. Come and see for yourself the renovation of sanitary block 3 and enjoy your vacation in pleasant surroundings.